I make these guitars from old galvanised corrugated iron sheets found in sheds and farms. Some of it can be about 100 years old. 

I roll the sheets flat and , because the steel is stiffer  and thinner than other types, the guitars are very light weight for a metal body. For instance the single cone weighs  just 2.8 kilos (6.5 pounds)

The guitar on the right is actually a tricone which weighs just a bit more.

You can have both single cones and tricones with traditional “F”holes, 3 slots per side or grilles and my special domed tricone coverplate.

Rustbucket  Tricones (yes, there is three cones under the cover!)  on the left with an experimental short scale of 635mm (24 27/32").

All other tricones that I know of have a scale around 25.5" or 648mm.

The result?

Well, it's definitely easier to play and the sound is not very different at all. Maybe a bit "softer" or less steely. I'm keen to make more but it means a fair bit of messing with my existing tooling so there is a bit more work involved.

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