Except for the first song, Back Home In Adelaide, the songs on this CD  are arranged according to when I wrote them, not necessarily when I recorded them. Given that it covers thirty years of making music with a lot of different musicians, there is a lot of information here, probably too much. I did consider calling the record "More Than You Ever Wanted To Know About Donmo"  but decided to be a touch more positive and use the title from my book.

On all these songsI sing, play guitar and on occasion, the harmonica and ukulele.

Track 1

Back Home In Adelaide.   Written in 2001.

Oringinaly recorded with the Elmores on the album Resonator Country.

This version  is from 2009 album, Cosmology, with the Lonely Cosmonauts who are: Phil Bray, piano and vocals. Michael Saies, bass and vocals. Andy Przygonski, drums. Jon Van Bowman, acoustic guitar and vocals. Commie Trash, backing Vocals.

Track 2

Stuffed Again. 1979 

The Bodgies. From the LP "Sensational" which came out in 1980 and again, on CD in (approx) 1995.

Guitar, Geoff Morrison. Drums, Brian Morrison.

Track 3

I Love My Baby. 1980  The Bodgies. A staple of our live set  for  almost all of the early years, this song was never recorded (in a studio, at least) untill we got back together for a few gigs 2009. We recorded this at Sody Pop studios . Norwood SA. Thanks Brett!

Track 4

What Can I Do. 1983/4  The Fortunate Sons

We played in and around Melbourne for a couple of years in the mid '80s. A demo recording  featuring Kelvin Fleming, lead guitar. Paul Zeising, bass and Watto Watson on drums. Later recorded with Raging Thirst on the Big Town LP but this is a better version.

Track 5

Rain. 1989

I had most of this song in my head from the time I returned to Adelaide after living in Melbourne. It just needed one more verse and every time I made a new album I tried to finish it to no avail. Finally I got it done for the Random Notes CD, recorded in 2010.

Drums, Andy Przygonski. Guitar,  Brian Morrison. Bass, Denis Surmon. Organ, Phil Bray. Additional vocals by Eddie Morrison and Johnnie Dady.

Track 6

Happy Birthday To Me. 1993

Originally recorded in 1997 by The Elmores on the Happy Birthday To Me CD. This version is by Thunderbox Carbunckle and the Lonely Cosmonauts on their eponymous 2004 EP. Personel as per track 1.

Track 7

Walk Away. 1996

From the Elmores "Happy Birthday to Me" .

Bass, Michael Saies. Drums, Peter Thurmer. Organ, Tristan Andrews. Backing Vocals, Suzi Arthur.

Track 8

Fitzroy I'm Calling You 1996.

1996 Fitzroy FCs last year. This is a remixed version of the one on Random Notes. Personel as per track 5.

The song was first recorded bu the Elmores on Happy Birthday to Me, 1997.

Track 9

Down and Disgusted. 2000

Originally on Resonator Country, this version is from Prawnhead's  2009 "Worlds Premier Bluebilly Band" .

Eddie Morrison, bass and vocal.  Jake Morrison, Guitar and vocal.

Track 10

My Car is 32 Years Old. 2000

From Resonator Country.  Drums, Tom Stehlik. Bass, Michael Saies. Guitar, Jon Van Bowman.

Track 11

My Wedding. 2001

From Resonator Country. Personel as per track 10 but also: Phil Bray, Accordion. Steve Fleming, Donmo resonator mandolin.

Track 12

Some New Thing. 2002

First came out on Resonator Country as a solo track. Here it is with a band, recorded in 2013.

Drums, Andy Przygonski. Bass, Dennis Surmon. Piano, Jake Morrison. Backing Vocals, Jon Van Bowman

Track 13

Sydney Train.2003

Prawnhead  from Prawnhead 2. Recorded on 27/7/2006. Personel as per track 9.

Track 14

Pat Malone. 2005

From the album "Waiting". 2007

Bass, Michael Saies. Drums, Andy Przygonski. Organ, Phil Bray. Additional vocals, Eddie Morrison and Jon Van Bowman.

Track 15

What to Do. 2006

From "Waiting"

As per track 14 but with Commie Trash whistling the solo.

Track 16

Collecting Alby. 2007

From "Waiting" As per track 14 but with Jon Van Bowman, guitar. Jake Morrison, trombone. Michael Saies, trombone. Phil Bray, trumpet .

Track 17

John Kellys Calendar 2007.

From "Waiting". Personel as per track 16.

Track 18

Kensington Road. 2010

From "Random Notes". Bass, Dennis Surmon. Drums, Andy Przygonski. Organ, Phil Bray. Guitar, Brian Morrison.