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honed our style on the streets and markets of Adelaide.  We found the faster we played, the more money we made. We don't play blues or folk, we don't play country, we don't play bluegrass nor do we play rockabilly but we play a mixture of all of those. We call it BLUEBILLY.
We can play unplugged in streets, beer gardens and small rooms. People are awestruck at the power  of our unamplified sound.  We are just as comfortable though, at festivals and halls on a big stage, pumping out our unique frenzied sound with a tightness that only blood relatives can achieve. Listen to our new CD “The World’s Premiere Bluebilly Band" and you'll know it's true.

Don Morrison  - Donmo resonator guitar, ukulele                                                                                         Eddie Morrison - double bass,                                                                                                                        Jake  Morrison - guitar.  
                                                                                                 Listen to some songs from the new CD at:

        "Yous was awesome!"..